My anti-aging skincare routine

I’ve had quite a few requests on The Honest Channel recently to cover the products, devices and treatments I’ve tried along the way that I think have made a difference in terms of improving the quality and the appearance of my skin.

So I created a video around this very subject and over the next few weeks I’m going to bring them to you on this blog too, starting today with skincare.

Firstly, it’s important to set out my goal aged 50 with skincare because I firmly believe that fretting over every wrinkle and sign of aging is a miserable game that’s not going to do your self esteem or mental health any good.

So my goal is simply to have the healthiest possible skin for my age.

And today I’m sharing the skincare products that, over years of testing out different brands and actives, are the ones that I now use day-to-day in my own skincare routine aged 50.

AM routine

Harborist Balm Gel
Super-gentle Harborist balm gel

To kick off  my morning routine I wash my face either with good old Cerave foaming wash which is very gentle, or I’ve also recently been using a balm gel from small independent skincare company Harborist.

It is made simply from glycerin and a seed oil blend and it cleanses without stripping moisture so it’s very good for older, drier and/or sensitive skin.

From there I use a vitamin C serum. At the moment I’m using one from Medik8 .

I find Medik8 products to be brilliantly formulated but they’re on the pricier side so I often alternate with a lower-priced vitamin C serum from Geek & Gorgeous.

Vitamin c is very unstable so, to keep it in premium condition, you can store both these serums in the fridge so they don’t break down and discolor, and decant into a smaller bottle so they stay fresh for longer.

After vitamin C I add No7’s Future Renew serum. I speak a lot about peptides in my content because I think they are going to be a big part of the future of skincare.

The No7 serum is one of the most evidenced peptide serums  in the business and includes a copy of a human peptide we lose as we age and is basically designed to replace it in our skin.

From there I apply sunscreen (I use Bluelene) and I’m done.

PM routine

In the evening I wash the make-up off my face with Cerave, and apply a peasize amount of Geek & Gorgeous retinal serum every other night in strength 10. It’s a non-irritating but highly effective retinoid that keeps my skin clear and bright but isn’t drying.

From there, I apply Calecim multi-action moisturiser.

Their advanced hair system helped my 79-year-old dad visibly regain his hair so that really switched me on to its potential for skin and hair regeneration.

You can watch my most recent video on our Calecim results here

Their products are derived from stem cells taken from red deer umbilical cord – they contain billions of stem cells so they have so far only used one or two cords to power the entire range.

I should say there are no actual stem cells in the cream, but peptides and other natural growth factors are extracted and used in their skincare.

It’s expensive but it is really my one big spend on my skin. I just use it at night and, having used it for over 6 months, it has made a visible difference to my skin which is balanced, bright and well hydrated.

There have been other skincare products I’ve tried and shared on the channel along the way that I’ve rated highly yet don’t continue to use day-to-day.

The ones shared in this blog and recent video are the ones that most support my own skin type and needs long-term.

Next week I’ll run through the anti-aging devices I use regularly on my skin (and the ones I don’t) and why. And you can watch the full round-up in this video.

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